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Artist, Writer, Producer

Jeremy Holmes earned the moniker “Vessel” because of his innate ability to deliver a message, acting as a conduit for a wide array of creative forces. Connected to the plight of the urban landscape by experience, Vessel began expressing his view of the world as an 8th grader from tough Robbins, Illinois. As Vessel’s talents landed him before audiences around the world, his perspective evolved, matured, and now provides the foundation at the core of his music. “I want to leave a lasting impression, one that extends beyond my lifetime. I try to focus on my experiences and extract from them a human condition that is relevant to a broader audience.” An accomplished producer, songwriter, and artist, Vessel has performed before thousands of spectators; both internationally and throughout the United States.


 Vessel has effectively used his business degree, corporate management and independent experience to not only launch his career as an artist/executive, but also to develop and promote other artists and producers. He has held management positions for record labels, artist development camps, and marketing agencies all in the business of integrating talent to push creative messaging.


In 2010 Vessel founded Hidden Treasure Music Academy (HTMA) to implement outreach and educational curriculums to at-risk youth in the Chicago land area. The focus has been on reinforcing student’s self value and enhancing their appreciation for reading, writing, and the arts. HTMA has partnered with a variety of organizations and educational centers to service underprivileged communities with non-traditional methods of learning.

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